Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy blarg!

At the end of the day I often need 5 to 10 minutes alone. I don't mean by myself, I mean just not being asked for something every 10 seconds. Left alone. I can be near my family, I just don't want them to talk to me. I still love them, but after 10 hours of constant demands, I need to have none. I think 5 to 10 minutes is fair. This, friends, is my time tonight.

Last night I went out with a friend to JoAnn's. Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1. I bought 7? Around that. 2 layette set patterns, some dresses and outfits for E, a bonnet pattern and a stuffed animal thing with 3 patterns. I'm excited to get sewing! I'm also making a doll for E to bring home from the hospital (as I may have mentioned) and I'm making E, the doll and the baby co-coordinating outfits. Right now I'm deciding what to make first, outfits for E and baby or doll. Don't know yet.

I also need to get started knitting that baby blanket.

I have great news: I have a new client! The 8 month old I interviewed yesterday...well, I interviewed her parents. She sat around being cute. Anyway, they have decided to start with me in March, and while it's starting out as part time, it has the potential to go full time. Plus, laid back family. I can tell because how the interview went. 1) Danger boy did a face plant out of a high chair. 2) E had 2 temper tantrums while they were here. At one point the Mom said to the Dad: "See what we're in for?" Great. 3) 4 year old decided to test me while they were here by doing the opposite of what I said or ignoring me. At one point she started a tug-o-war with E over a toy they wanted to give the baby. 4) I have pregnant brain. After the deal was over and the family had left, no one napped and my kid managed to somehow poop all over the toilet seat. But the family was nice!

Hopefully this will work out, because I really liked those three.

We still can't pick a name. I'm starting a list. Dinner time!

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HollyLynne said...

I love the idea of E and the baby and the doll all having matching outfits. SO GREAT!

(PS: sorry about the poop. ugh, that really IS what i'm gonna be in for, huh?)