Friday, February 27, 2009

On my own again...

I finally did it! I got John the hell out of the house for an overnight trip for FUN! He's down at his friend's house now, over an hour away, and I am about to clean up the kitchen and fold laundry. Ordinarily I'd be getting drunk and pulling pranks on my neighbors by moving their lawn ornaments around, but there's the whole pregnant/parent/day care owners shouldn't get arrested thing now.

E and I had a great night, too. We decorated a candle with beeswax strips and little wax cutters, then burned it as a dinner candle. We read books, tried and failed to build a house of cards, did a puzzle and ate a PB & J dinner. After watching "Peanut butter jelly time!" of course. Then we read Beatrix Potter stories and she went to bed while I changed the sheets on my bed and got ready to do laundry by cleaning my room. I lead an exciting life, people. Tomorrow E and I are going out to buy a new washer. WATCH OUT!

After having the stomach flu and getting a UTI last week, I am now the proud owner of what seems to be a head/chest cold. I have that horrible ears/inner throat itch, my throat is sore and I'm drippy. Luckily the pregnant can take Sudafed. Otherwise today, which included 3 teething kids, one of whom is failing miserably at potty training and behavior in general, and 3 (FREAKING THREE) accidents for E, I'd be dead. It turns out one of the kids was getting less ibuprofen than he should have, has mass amounts of fluid in his ears and probably has the same cold I do. Poor dude. Needs to quit screaming. I thought I was going to lose my mind for the last 4 hours he was here.

Tomorrow's activities include the washer purchase, a "fancy" lunch at Olive Garden (WHY is this her eatery of choice? There's Indian food just down the street!) and then, major of majors, her best friend is sleeping over. We're taking them Ice skating tomorrow night to wear them the hell out. John will be back by then, because there is no way my pregnant ass, or more precisely, my pregnant back, can handle bending over that much for that ling on a slippery surface. If John had decided to stay away the whole weekend it would have been a symphony, a movie or the zoo. But he needs to study for finals, so I get help. YAY!

And a last note, since finals are next week for John, I am taking E with me to go look at wedding dresses for my sister. E's the flower girl, so she's going to need a dress, too. Yesterday we were looking at a natural toy catalog and she spotted little dolls dressed like flowers.
"FLOWER GIRLS!" she screamed.
I'm not sure her epectations of what being a flower girl is are entirely realistic.

Good weekend all!

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