Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is me dragging my brain along on a string

I'm so tired....must stay up long enough to wash the purple dye out of my hair...

Let's see, I found out today that other pregnant mom has hired a nanny for her kids. The one she has now and impending one. "For less than you!" Yep, slightly less than me for two days a week instead of 5. I'm happy she's found someone, and I hope socialization goes well with her kids in the future. (I'm sure it will. They're nice people.) The good news is that I now know what's going on and what to expect. And the kid who is taking her sweet time potty training will be at home to finish that up. Now I just need to find one full time kid to take her place, and we're golden. I might have an answer to that, too. Just need to interview the family and see if they are willing to pay to keep their spot...Not sure how I'm going to present that, either. Brain's too tired to work on it now.

Other things I found out: one of the kids is probably allergic to Burt's Bees hand salve. Her mom called asking about the tops of her hands, and that would be where I put the salve when she asked for some. E's hands are chapped and she was getting salved, so her best buddy wanted some, too. I'm so glad it was this family. They are my "good" family; they understand kids. Kids get bumps, kids have tantrums, kids are wonderful and crazy and take time and calm. Ahhh. I love that family. I love the other families, too, but this one is the best. So, if I had to give someone a minor but not painful or itchy skin irritation, I'm glad it was this child. And I'm really glad it's just redness! Poor kiddo.

Newsweek can blow me: there's an article in this week's magazine on stillbirth. Fuckers. I barely started reading when I started bawling. Again: fuckers. They are not allowed to print that crap while I am gestating. Did they not read the memo? Damn.

I'm hungry. Again. My appetite is starting to pick up, which is good. And now it's time to wash the purple out of my hair, which is also good, because it means I can go to sleep soon, too. After I eat something.

This post was written to waste time. Apologies!

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