Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For the love of sanity

Something clicked today. The daycare has been a fuck of a lot saner with 2 kids yesterday and 3 kids today. I should have 4 kids tomorrow. If I do, and all goes fairly well, I'm having a talk with one or two people next week.

One person is the behaviorist that helped us get E to sleep through the night. He specializes in kids, and might be able to help me with the day care problems I have. Like nap time, tantrums, time outs and other general stress inducing times. Nap time is the big one, but I could use some help un general.

The other person I'll be having a serious conversation with is the mom of the problem boy. The boy who wouldn't be here if I didn't adore his mother so much. I have been sleeping better, calmer and happier without that kid here. I haven't been dreading my day, which is something I didn't know I was doing until this week. My plan is to see how Friday goes, and maybe early next week. His grandmother ran a daycare for nearly two decades, and if she hasn't sent advice back then it's time for a Come to Jesus talk. His behavior needs to improve drastically. The screaming needs to stop, the destroying things needs to stop, and he needs to stop screaming. He also needs to stop climbing the walls and furniture. I don't want to lose this family, but I also don't want to lose my mind.

I'm thinking I might call the doctor first, see if he's be willing to help, and then talk to the parents of The Screamer and see how they would feel about some help. I just can't go on with things the way they have been, especially with the new 8 month old that just started and the baby on the way. I have no idea how I would pay for behavioral therapy for a day care, however. If I need to save my pennies I will, though, because I'd like to make this work. And I know it can; the last two days have been fabulous.

Now, if I could just remember to do my taxes and where I left that thing I was looking for...


Beans said...

Just think in just a few days we will be free of boys and tiny humans. Think of some things you would like to do, that are legal.
Or we can just sit around and drink orange smoothies (i will figure out a vegan way) and each cheesy fries and watch whatever we want on tv. I will tivo nascar even.

Domesticrazy said...

No need to be vegan, orange smoothies rock! Do you still want to go to Amish town? And how far is it to soap again? If nothing else I'll bring my machine and henna and we can watch movies until we burst from cheese fries.

My child is being a bear today!

Beans said...

Amish town is about 2 hrs. maybe a bit less. Soap is about 45 min. We can do whatever you want.Both even depending on when your planning on getting in.
I was defiantly wanting to go to whole foods too.
mmmmmm cheese fries they have killer mocha shakes with espresso too.