Sunday, March 1, 2009

In the middle ages, they just hit each other in the head

I remember having a cold while pregnant with E, and thinking that it was the worst cold in human history. I would lay in bed, moaning and coughing, wondering what people did before drugs. There's a very limited list of things you can take while pregnant, and none of them seem to work very well. Or for very long. As I am now being reminded, for again, I have the worst cold in human history. I think it's the same bastard cold, in fact. The only reason I'm sitting up writing this is my very rational belief that ifI lie down the snot will overwhelm me and I'll have it coming out my ears.

And you're welcome for that image.

Tomorrow Mom is coming over so I can hopefully go see the doctor in the probably futile attempt to see if there is anything that can be done. If nothing else, she said she'd let me take a nap.

In non-snot-related news, the baby is kicking up a storm! All last night at the Ice Rink the baby just kicked away, so the Sudafed must not be working for her, either. Last night we took the girls ice skating, which will happen again when I rule my own private country, am a millionaire and have the body of an 18 year old vixen. Oh, we'll take E again, she did fantastic! She didn't want to hold Daddy's hand, she HOPPED on her own!! and she generally did a wonderful job. Her friend, however, who I know can skate on her own because her family told me so and also because she's been skating at least 10 times, would drop to the ice and scream every time John let go of her hand. She's a drama queen, that kid. Except at the very end, when she skated right to me with no problem.

I wasn't out on the ice because I'm pregnant, by back is already in a delicate place, and we decided to play it safe. I was worn out just watching the three of them stutter-start-fall-scream-HOP!-get picked up-start-repeat around the first quarter of the ice rink. E seems to have inherited some of her aunt's ability on the ice. Her aunt apparently won competitions, or at least did very well in them. John did pretty well on the ice, too. He won a gold medal when he was 4, and some of that talent was still showing last night. Me + Ice = instant concussion. I wanted to skate, though. It looked like so much fun! Plus, John REALLY could have used the extra hand. Maybe after the baby.

Oh, and next time she sleeps over we're going to the damn zoo.


HollyLynne said...

awww!!! You're so right though, if Miss E decides she wants to skate then A MILLION TIMES YES you should be a millionaire.


Domesticrazy said...

I'll let Miss E skate anytime she wants! It her leeetle friend that is not coming with us. I hate drama!

But E? We're taking her skating again as soon as we can!

HollyLynne said...

I'm half thrilled to hear that, half horrified! I swear if my own kids want to skate someday I have no idea what I'll do. I'd want them to have the experience, but their poor little bodies! My mom had me in expensive orthopedic shoes for most of my toddler-hood which is just hilarious in retrospect because skating farked my feet so badly they're now two completely different sizes and have BONES STICKING OUT OF THEM. (Can you tell I’m especially pms-y and gloom riddled today?)

Domesticrazy said...

Your feet are two different sizes and there are bones sticking out of them? HOW does that happen?

HollyLynne said...

Triple Jumps. The arches of your feet are made up of a bunch of little bone nugget type things . . . they are really just jumbled in there, not attached w/ joints and whatnot. Its easy to dislocate some of them. Or most of them.

Domesticrazy said...

Holy OUCH! Could you land, smile and swear at the same time?