Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plans and Mwah hah haaaaa

I'm a dangerous lady when I set my mind to something. So here I am, about to be dangerous again...

And I need your help.

I am giving day care one more year. Either I have to reduce the number of kids, or I need to figure out something else to do. Today was the topper with the boys; one goose egg and one split lip. Not bad, actually, but I've had it with running after kids who are TRYING TO HURT THEMSELVES. The good news is that I haven't had a panic attack!! The problem is that people keep telling me that this is going to get better. When the kids get older. When so and so are potty trained. When when when.

My mantra can't be "This will get better." I'm nearly freaking Buddhist. I want to live in the moment. Not spend all my time hoping for some later date when I won't be just barely holding on! My choices are:
  • Raise my prices and watch fewer children
  • find a part time job and watch fewer children
  • find some other way to work from home and watch only my own children
  • win the lottery
  • keep going like this until I lose my tiny mind
Can you see any other options? I'd love some input, because while I'm working on numbers and the like on my end, a different set of eyes can always see more. Halp!

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