Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ah, hell, I have no idea what to do first, last, or in between. This week we're getting estimates on having some painting and repairs done to the exterior of the house, and I need to work on taxes. I also need to get some invitation stuff done, but I'm already behind on that because yesterday evening didn't work out. Let's just say that when I got to my Mom's house for a quick stuff pick-up last night she was ready to pull out the whiskey. My Mom is not a drinking woman. I stayed for a bit. All is well now!

In unrelated news, I am 25 weeks pregnant and my boobs hurt like hell. The first time you are pregnant you get itchy boob. This time I feel like someone is trying to stuff these babies full of something. Milk, maybe? Ugh. DO NOT LOOK AT MY BOOBS. THAT WILL MAKE THEM HURT MORE!

Come on Friday...

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