Monday, March 30, 2009

Recharge complete; recalculating

First and foremost: This weekend ROCKED. I knew I needed a break, but I had no idea how badly. Beck did an awesome job talking me through some residual anxiety. Aside from that, we had a blast.

My Mom lent me her "Australian" which is her GPS thingy. She needed me to pick up some miniature horse trophies for her out in BFE, so I got to be all cool and techie for the weekend. Beck and I used it a lot, but there were a few quirks. Like the "highway" that was a gravel road. So part of the time we ignored the Australian.

Friday we went to the soap place and spent time sniffing, buying and sniffing some more. I love that soap! We also went to dinner with my sister and her fiance', and to Whole Foods. And then back to Beck's where she made a fire. It was wonderful.

Saturday we picked up the trophies, went to Amish country for fabric, cheese, more fabric and some candy. It was a gorgeous drive Australian aside, and we had lots of time to talk, laugh and just catch up. When we got home Beck helped me make a little blanket for the impending Wee, and we watched part of Lethal Weapon 4 after some cartoons. It was, again, wonderful! Once the blanket is finished I'll post pictures. Hopefully.

Sunday we had breakfast at a local place with the best fries and milkshakes ever. I also had a gardenburger with extra pickles...YUM! Then we did a little de-cluttering at Beck's and I headed home happy, relaxed and recharged.

As Beck and I talked and drove, we kept frustrating that GPS unit to no end. Everytime you ignore his directions he announces "recalculating" and then gives you new directions. Beck had a good point after one of these instances. She told me I just needed to recalculate after a bad day or moment. Ahhh, the wisdom of the best friend and GPS! I also got to see my quilt peices. Too cool! I can't wait to try it out, once it's done. Girl has some talent!

Right after I left Beck's I got a call from John, who took E to see her Bubba and Poppy (his parents, and they picked what they wanted called) this weekend. On the way to his parent's house his battery died. While driving. He got it replaced and went on to his parents. Sunday, as I turned off Becks street he called again, saying they were just crossing the state line andwould be home in a little over 3 hours. The he said "OH CRAP!" and said it might be later. The battery died while he was driving again. It turns out his alternator was dead or fried or something. No one could fix it on Sunday. So he and E got towed back to his parent's house and it's getting fixed today. I miss my family, and this has put my husband in what one might call "a fine mood." One might also call it something other than that, but only if one was not near my husband at the time. E has also decided to wake up at 1 amd 3 am for the last few nights. So John is tired on top of everything else. I'm staying home tonight and taking care of both the girl and her Daddy, because I now have the reserve to do that.

This weekend rocked! Not for John, poor guy, but I can help out now that I am rested and recharged. Recalculating!

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