Monday, March 23, 2009


I realized today that I've taken an unintentional break here. Perhaps it was the spring cleaning, the warm air or the fact that I've been exhausted lately. Perhaps it's that my sister is getting married and I suddenly have a lot to do, aside from baby stuff and taxes. Or, perhaps, my brain is more holes than substance. Who knows?

All is well here. The baby is kicking, E is rocking, John is trying his best at auditions for Voice Over stuff, and life keeps moving on. The behaviorist will be here April 6th, amen. I have Friday off, and am going to see Beck, amen. We're going to an awesome soap shop, and to amish country, and to see my sister. Movies and milkshakes and cheese fries, oh my! And while I wish there would be more drinking, I'm willing to wait. And just seeing Beck is like a kegger for my mind, anyway.

I'm working on wedding invitations, a bridal shower, a bachelor-ette party, figuring out what to wear since I'm having a baby 12 weeks before the wedding and can't try anything on now, and those damn taxes. Also, a baby blanket, a layette for a friend, and probably a few other things. Good thing my ass is finally in gear! I finally cleaned the counter tops in our bathroom last night after *coughcough* 6 months *coughcough.* to be fair, all the other bathrooms have been cleaned in that time, several times. Mine was just low priority. I'm off to take the kids outside and write a list of everything I need to do. Hooray for warm weather, lots of things to be happy about, and dirt!


HollyLynne said...

OOH! That dress dilema would drive me NUTS! I'm sure you'll figure out something awesome, but man, thats a tough one!

Domesticrazy said...

The crappy part is that I HAVE to order something from David's Bridal. Their ordering time seems to vary from store to store, which makes me very nervous! Plus, trying on clothes 3 weeks after having a baby and expecting them to fit 3 months after having a baby is insane. In all membranes.

Welcome back!