Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yep, recalculating

Last night I drove about 95 miles to go pick up my husband and child. The alternator that the one place put in was faulty and the car died again while John was driving home. So my vegan husband and child spent about 2 hours at a Hardee's, and they survived. E was tired, upset about the car and dirty. John was surprisingly chipper about the while thing. I think this weekend may have beaten him. So for now we're down to one car. John starts school tonight, we pick up his newly repaired car tomorrow night, and then we try to move on. Up until nap-time today I was doing just great with all of this, but nap has been horrible and I'm all too quickly wearing down again. I'm fighting it, though. Fight! Fight! Fight!

I desperately want to sew tonight. I want to finish that baby blanket, start on E's new wiener dog dress and my diaper bag. I also want to indulge in some vices, but that's not going to happen, either. Well, chocolate will happen. Beer will not. Nope, tonight I'm going to work on taxes as fast and hard as I can because my sister may be coming up this weekend to get them done for us. One does not turn away free taxes done by a honest to god CPA, especially with that whole free part. But I HATE the way you have to figure shit out for a home based day care. BLECK. Sewing will have to wait.

I love Moda fabric. Just needed to throw that in there.

And now I'm off, because I need to email a bunch of people about all the crap that needs to change because of car, taxes, etc. May your week be pain free...

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