Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Digital, libraries and the like

You know what? I LOVE iron. I would love Iron Man, too, but I'm married. That iron supplement I'm taking seems to be doing the trick, because I had a horrid day yesterday, complete with the same kid getting hurt TWICE, and I didn't have a panic attack. I can't explain to you how huge that is. It's fucking awesome! My anxiety has been way down in general, but yesterday wins awards in my book for bad days bringing great results. I may invest in an iron skillet just to get more iron in my diet (it's a legit method, actually) and I am going to stay on these darling pills for as long as I need to. Hot Damn.

That being said, yesterday did it. It put me right the fuck over the edge as far as this job goes. I am applying for new jobs, particularly an assistant librarian one I'm going to finish the online application for tonight. It's at a local elementary school near where my mom lives. She has agreed to take my offspring again, and I couldn't be more grateful. That woman needs a prize of some sort. So wish me luck in finding a good day time job, hopefully with a school, that pays decently. hahahaha. ha.

On to unrelated news items:
  • I finished the baby blanket! I need to take some new pics of E anyway, so I may have her hold the blanket so you get a two for one deal. I even hand-stitched binding! Thanks, Beck!
  • John and I are digitizing our music. We have a terabyte hard drive (external) that we're putting everything on. We're guessing with the amount of music we own that it will take around 6 months if we work on it every night. We are already one week behind schedule. Damn.
  • I am starting on a dress for E, made out of Japanese wiener dog linen. That sounds so wrong, but is so very cute. Next, on to baby stuff.
  • I went to my first American Sewing Guild meeting. I now know how to sew swimming suits! I was the youngest one there by 15 years, but hell, these ladies are great at sewing. I'm hoping to learn a ton from them. Also, they do charity work through sewing, so I'm happy to be involved.
  • Baby is kicking up a storm lately!
  • We had a really great weekend. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy what I was doing without feeling like the world was going to end. I taught my first sewing class, which was at JoAnn's and all about how to pick out fabric, supplies and notions. I enjoyed time with my husband and child. I didn't freak the fuck out. I'll say it again, I love me some iron.
That's all I've got today. Hound me about the pics if they're not up tomorrow, and go check out Bean's possible new place, and the cool stuff Holly's been doing at Indie Home Ec!

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