Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My brain is back and sewing for the small masses

One side effect of anemia (and pregnancy) is the inability to concentrate. Cognitive functions go WAY down, it appears, which may be the reason I've been calling every child in the day care the wrong name. Even my own kid. To combat this I've been trying to do all my important thinking stuff in the early afternoon, before I get so tired I can't think. I can't tell you how many times in the last month I have tried to play a video or something on my computer and spent the next half hour trying to figure out why the speakers weren't working. I had headphones plugged in. Every damn time.

I've also been eating foods high in iron, as well as taking the supplement. I've also started watching my other vitamins and minerals, like absorbic acid and calcium. With E John and I watched these things like hawks. It's so very different when you already have a child; the time and energy just aren't the same. But I am starting to feel a little better, which is good because I'm going to be teaching a sewing class for the next 4 weeks, and I need my brain to do that.

I'm stoked! This is the first class I'll be teaching to actual, no shit, adults. Over 7 years old. That can drive and hear swear words. Plus I'm teaching a SEWING CLASS! Hot damn, something I like to do! Not that teaching toddlers to get messy in paint isn't fun, this is just more in line with where I'd like to be personally. The class is about sewing without worry, how to fix the inevitable mistakes, and how to have fun with the craft. It's a very beginning sewing class, so much so that the first class meets at a fabric store so I can show them how to pick out fabric and basic supplies. Two of the people don't even own sewing machines!

We're going to make some place settings. I'm going to lay out some stuff tonight and tomorrow, to make sure I tell everyone to buy the correct amount of fabric. We're making (in theory) 4 place mats, 4 napkins and 4 coasters. I need to actually make what the class is going to make this week, to make sure it all fits, works, etc. Plus, I need to write up a supply list and some instructions. I hope at the end of this class everyone feels empowered to make their own stuff instead of buying it, and that they are happy to know that they can create something. It always makes me feel better! If I'm lucky, at least one or two of these students will go on to enjoy a new, wonderful hobby. Maybe even spread the word. Who knows?

Well, I need to get finger puppet making materials together for after nap. E is at her Grandma's today, and the other big girl wants some special attention and crafting. I can dig it! I miss my girl, but a day away makes seeing her again so wonderful. She needed a Grandma day, and I needed a day to recharge. I'm so lucky that I'm gong to have all the help coming my way after Wee II is out. One is tough, two will be tougher. Not as bad as 6, but this one will live here and we'll not be sleeping.

Crap, I still need to get those wedding invitations for my sister worked out. Crap. Why isn't this a well paying job?


HollyLynne said...

sewing class!! what fun!

Domesticrazy said...

I hope so! And the anemia, bleck. Like I said, at least there's something I can DO about it! I do feel a bit of an ass, though, for letting myself get into this shape. Stupid balanced diet.