Friday, April 24, 2009

nice day, crap news and oreos

Today I took the kids to the zoo with another mom, and met two of the three remaining moms there. It was awesome! The kids had a good time, we had a good time, things went swimmingly. If more days were like today I'd consider continuing to do this job.

On a related note, the assistant librarian position was filled while I was filling out the application. Damn. So I'm still looking, but nothing is going to be as perfect as that job seemed. It was down the road from my mom, a school job with school hours, in a library. I'd still be working with kids, just older ones. Oh well. Wasn't meant to be.

In good news, a friend that's been looking for a new job for years finally found one, and has been offered the position! She's been at her current job for 9 years, and needed out badly. I'm so happy for her!

Beck's having house finding issues. I'm crossing my fingers that the right one comes along soon.

Finally, I told John that he wouldn't be going to bed last night until I had oreos. I have oreos. They are wonderful, and this weekend is shaping up nicely. Tonight John has made some time so that we can cuddle and watch a movie. He's been so busy I feel like I haven't touched the man all week! He's also going to bring me home a big, cold, frosty root beer. After a day at the zoo, I could use one. Man, today rocked. It was so nice to have a good day!

I hope you have a great weekend!

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