Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scheduled computer time

Tonight I will have one free hour to finish my application for the Librarian position. I plan to make full use of this time, since 1) I want this motherfucker DONE, and 2) John seems to "need" the computer for "school." It's funny: I started the online application for the job and my laptop immediately died and John ended up with 4 projects he had to do online this week. Oh, and naptime went straight to hell. In order to write this I had to send E up to her room for quiet time. I can hear her playing instead of laying down, but I'm picking my battles today.

I am going to have John bring home Oreos tonight. I need them. I have suddenly developed a ravenous hunger, starting today, and we'll see how long it goes. With E I was all food all the time, but with this one I've been less hungry than normal. Until today, when I had noodle soup with the kids, leftover miso beets from last night and a cheese sandwhich for lunch. I might go have another cheese sandwich right now; writing about food has made me hungry again and it's been 15 minutes.

And that's just what I did.

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