Friday, May 8, 2009

And then a miracle occurred.

Do you want to know how much weight I added to my pregnant ass after 4 (FOUR) packages of Oreos in two weeks? Do you? DO YOU?

One friggin pound.

I have no idea how that happened, maybe it was the constant movement what with chasing the childrens around. Never mind that in any other circumstance I would have gained 10 pounds from eating just one of those packages. I am not questioning this miracle. I am loving it and giving it liquor and BJs until it decides to live with me forever. I am dry humping this miracle because ONE POUND. !!!

My OB was not pleased with my diet, but was happy with the entire inspection. I had no bad stuff in my pee, my blood pressure is still insanely good (98/60. WTF?) and I am measuring where I should be: 32 cm at 32 weeks. Sweet! Plus the baby's heartbeat was a perfect 144. So perhaps my oreo diet is working, oh skeptical doctor person...

Before I went to the OB's I applied for an Administrative Assistant position at a local school. This is the first job I have ever applied for that I knew I wasn't going to get. There were at least 10 people in the room, all ladies, perfectly coifed and dressed and knowing their typing speed and crap. I looked at the sign-in sheet, and there were at least 50 people signed in for the job. I am not at all qualified for this position to begin with, and the secretary who was taking the apps let me know that. Bite me lady, it was good practice.

After talking with a few of the vastly more qualified candidates who had been job hunting for months, and taking a look at the paper my Mom left here with stories of people who had been looking for jobs for years, I am now very sad about the prospect of changing careers. At the moment. Because there are a lot of people who need positions more than I do, and I actually make a pretty good living. I'm still going to try, but I also am going to try to take the long view and wait for something good. My real goal is to go back to school and get a degree/job in horticulture, and to get the fuck out of day care. However, I got kisses today from the little ones for no reason, and that makes up for a lot. This is a stable, well paying job that just happens to be very difficult. I may look for help for the winter, so that I do not end up on my own for weeks at a time stuck in a house with 6 children. That's going to take some figuring out.

In the mean time, I am going to pursue some options to make cash on the side so that I might be able to reduce the number of kids, or something. SOMETHING! I have no idea. Corset making, sewing classes, teaching henna, I guess I could actually do something with the Etsy store, who knows? The future's fuzzy, what with the new baby and associated sleep deprivation on the horizon. We'll just have to see.

Lastly, John did an awesome thing today. My birthday falls on Mother's day this year, so my Mom is taking E tomorrow night. John got us tickets to an honest to god in a theater movie (Star Trek) and reservations at a fancy pants fondue restaurant. I am even going to wear a dress. Maybe high heels. Well, high for me. I am a bare foot kinda girl.

So happy weekend, happy Mother's Day, and hooray for a date!

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