Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can't wait to hear it

I keep having this vision of getting on the scale tomorrow and having the nurse say something like "Girl, WHAT have you been EATING?" Because my OB's office is all cool like that. (It's not. These are dry, dry people.) I'm trying to get in as much water as possible, because I do not want protein in my pee again. Stupid not being able to drink caffeine free coke all day...

Speaking of drinking, I nearly had John pick up some O'Douls today. N/A beer is so sexy, isn't it? Long story very short, it was a rough day and after the Beer Dream a beer sounded great. I ended up skipping, however. Instead I finished my resume, had my first play-date for E and her friend, and had some ice cream. I am REALLY excited to find out how much I weigh tomorrw. REALLY.

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