Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From the couch!

I am writing to you from my couch. Because one of my presents for the combined day of goodness was my Mom's old laptop, which is a better laptop used than I could afford new. (Have I mentioned how much taxes sucked this year? Let's just say the next time I spend nearly 10 K on something, it better come with a pool boy. Or be self cleaning. Or let me fly.) Moving on past my irritation with self employment, this laptop with a battery and also works thing is awesome. I've been able to work on my sister's wedding stuff while the kids are around, I can check my email, and now I have bookmarked my blog so that I can find it and update. Brilliant!

Mom's Day and B-day were awesome. I have a massage and hydro-therapy tub coming in the near future, some roses that turn into bubble bath and the new Dylan album. Which is actually good. John did a great job. I need to write a post soon about comics/graphic. One of my presents was Stephen King's newest venture with Marvel: The Dark Tower stuff. I also need to look at the comic itself to see what it is actually called. It was good, name aside. But more on that later.

Otherwise, things are going. 7 weeks 4 days until I'm due. John made the Dean's list for school last quarter, my daughter was the sweetest girl in the world over the weekend. I have certain friends I really wish would call me back, and my sister's wedding is creeping slowly closer. We're doing invitations this weekend. My left boob itches on the biopsy scar like nobody's business.

And on that note, I'm going to start up the afternoon. We have a documentary made by the BBC just for kids. It's on Chimpanzees. Then, we go outside!


Beans said...

Working on the calling thing.
Between interviews, mom and dad being here for the weekend, dad getting new job, house hunting, getting the second countertop and sink in, learning how to use a weed wacker and The Hound from Hell its been a bit crazy. Card went out today sorry its late but i think i got the last name right this time.
Love ya.

Domesticrazy said...

Love you, too. Glad it's just busy. Hound from hell? It's been a great week then, eh?

HollyLynne said...

Hooray for your new lap top!!! And wait . . . you mean your taxes didn't come with a pool boy?! I thought this was America! PFT!!!