Thursday, May 21, 2009

No brain left

No wonder the next 6 weeks seemed so hectic: I completely left out the last weekend in May. We'll be having a sleep-over that weekend with E's best buddy/sparring partner. I thought that things were moving awfully fast!

This morning has been better, but both boys are being assholes, so we're going to have to nip that in the bud before any real fun starts. It's just the age (go read Sundry!) and all, but it sucks. They are so cute and such jerks at this age.

The garden is ready to be planted thanks to the kids and myself, so we're starting out Aerogarden seedling tray today and going to the nursery this weekend. I bought sand for the new sandbox last night and got it filled thanks to John. Hopefully that will distract the kids from the garden, which they have been digging in for the last month but is now off limits due to small plants that shouldn't be stepped on.

I went to the library Monday and checked out a few books on botany. One of the books was a kid's book. It looks the most interesting of the bunch. I need to get working on my scholarship applications and other various applications, which I am oddly un-motivated to work on. However, until I can get back to school a little self education won't hurt.

Now, to get myself some ice water (I have hit the stage in pregnancy where I am thirsty ALL THE TIME) and start seeding this tray with the under 5 crowd. Wish me luck!

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HollyLynne said...

the sandbox is such a great distraction idea!