Friday, May 15, 2009

Remeber that time I was 8 months pregnant?

So the last couple of days have been pretty interesting. Wednesday night I went to check out sewing machines at The Stitching Post. They're going out of business and everything is supposed to be 1/2 off. Long story short, they didn't have exactly what I wanted, but I was debating a few machines anyway. The guy says"lets run your credit and see what they say," which sounded fine. I wanted to know how much I was approved for anyway. He cheerily tells me I've been approved and then comes back with a $450 sewing machine. I accidentally bought a sewing machine. Which I immediately returned. He then said I was "bizarre" and "flighty." I'm not sure if I just missed something during the transaction or what, but I can't help feeling like maybe I zoned out at a crucial point of the conversation because the baby picked the period I was in the store to start practicing judo in the womb.

Then last night Goldie (the kittenish cat) grabbed a roach trap we put in the basement because a week ago I saw what I thought was a roach at the cat food and was grossed out. After she dropped the trap in water and then punctured the bottom of the bait trap she ran through the house with John and I chasing her. Once I caught her and got the trap away I called the animal medical emergency number on the back, and while on the phone managed to trip on the black bouncy ball all the way across the family room and land on the rocking horse. While on the phone. During the one minute John was in the bathroom. He didn't hear a thing until he came out and and found me bawling on the floor. He thought the cat had dropped dead. It turns out the poison in the traps we used is the same stuff they use in frontline, and Goldie would have to eat several traps to even feel ill. Meanwhile I skinned both my knees and my ankle was on ice, my hormones kicked in and I couldn't stop crying for almost 10 minutes. At least I didn't fall on my stomach or wake up E. This morning I found several new places where I am bruised and battered.

And now I present this morning: the lady in the hospital who is at least one, probably 2 weeks less pregnant than I am? She gave birth at some point between last night and early this morning. Which puts the baby at least 6 weeks premature. I guess everyone's doing fine, but man. It's been a rough week for those folks. I hope everything stays just fine for them, because having a baby that early is terrifying.

I've had help here the past two mornings, which has been awesome. I'd really love to have someone with me here all the time, but alas. I'll take what I can get, and right now the getting is good.

Tonight we're going to go out and get a girl some flip flops, some containers so she can make her own breakfast (cereal) in the morning, and a grill for our grill. TGIF.

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