Friday, May 29, 2009

Where does the time go?

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately, I'm not sure where my head is lately. This week has been hell on wheels for both John and I, and by the time the kids are gone and E is in bed I'm ready to pass out. Which is basically what happened last night, except I kept myself awake long enough to hang up the shirts and pants from the dryer first.

I'm at 35 weeks this week, which means I've got 5, give or take, to go. A few nights ago while we were rearranging E's room with her new (my sister's old) soon-to-be-bunked beds I had a series of Braxton=Hicks contractions. (They're "practice" contractions) There were enough that I got worried, but not so many that I called the doctor. We are really, really not ready for the baby at this point, as far as physical preparations are concerned. I have nothing ready to go to the hospital, the baby's room is still full of E's outgrown clothes, and on and on. I am simultaneously ready for this wee to be out and not at all ready for her to make an appearance. In all likely hood the baby won't be coming until around her due date or later, if my family's history is any indication. It's the fact that we're so damn unprepared and I'm too tired to do much about it. HOW do women with many children do this? Perhaps the older children help? Maybe it's because John is in school and so busy, and I don't want to bug him with things like sorting and washing baby clothes while he's trying to get ready for finals.

Well, the upside is that I might be able to get a bunch done this weekend. E is having her best buddy over to stay the night, and while they are playing and having fun I might be able to sit on my ass and sort shit out. I hope to have a list of things we need so we can grab those supplies, and maybe, just maybe, get things moved around enough so that when the baby comes home we have a place to put her.

As far as goings on, I've started biting the insides of my cheeks when I chew. I have no idea why, but it sucks! The baby's not flipping about so much, but she's definitely still active. Lots of feet and stretching. She's had the hiccups a few times, and I can feel her rear end up by my boobs most of the time. I'm a hormonal raging mess, crying at everything and ready to nap at any moment. In the last week I've gotten really uncomfortable. Sleeping is the same as it has been, but sitting and getting up and down has become very challenging. Bending over is challenging, to say the least. I don't like being grumpy, which seems to be a default setting once I get tired. I have managed to get some stuff done, though. Like E's doll-thanks to a friend that came over to help with the daycare and helped me make the doll during naptime. Today I'm going to put the hair on and hopefully get the eyes and mouth on.

Man, I didn't want this to be a cranky post, but it's been punctuated with fighting by all the kids. I am so tired of constant fighting. It was supposed to be sunny and hot today, but it's gray and rainy and cool, so our pool party (which would end the fighting and let us all have a great time) is canned for the moment. Come on, sun! We need out!

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