Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WTF, Wednesday?

Every morning this week has been a little bit of hell, followed by a pretty good day. Today has been a little bit of hell followed by more hell, with some nice on top to flavor the still coming hell. No one has gotten hurt, so that's a bonus, but E went to bed a little late last night and has been cranky, whiny and demanding. Her little friend has been pushing her buttons because she thinks it's fun, and has been also not listening to me very well, then throwing tantrums when she's put in time out. The 8 month old is teething, and is loud. The two boys are themselves, enough said. To top it off my laptop has decided to stop opening windows for Firefox, so I can't use it for the one thing I need it for every morning: to see if the world still exists.

Actually, listing that out made me feel a lot better. Really, the issue is that I'm tired and getting more tired all the time. I have a lot to do, and no energy to do it by the time I have time to start working on anything. I don't know if John gets any time off between this quarter and next. He usually gets a week. I hope like hell he does, because I'm going to need his help getting everything done.

This weekend my Mom is taking E for an unusually long visit. She'll pick up the kid around 7:30 Saturday morning and we'll get her back sometime Sunday. As much as that sounds like an invitation to sleep all day to me, instead we're going to get some plants from the nursery (blueberry bushes! Cilantro! a tomato plant!) and get them planted, then I'll start working on the baby's room while John mows our eerily healthy grass. Usually our lawn is a laughingstock, but this year it's growing like crazy. After that we might go see a matinee, then back to the grind with finishing the baby's room, after picking up anything we need on the way from the movie home. Then back out to dinner, and maybe some light shopping. Will we get this done in a day? Who knows. I think the plan might alter so that we are not leaving the house three times. but who knows? What I do know is this: my ass is going to stay in bed as long as possible Sunday morning. I don't care if I'm awake, I am going to be stationary and lazy.

The next 6 weeks are shaping up to be very busy. This weekend was spelled out above, next weekend is our day-long birthing class. (Holy shit, June already?!) The following weekend is a community garage sale and hopefully an E and Mommy day, the next weekend is E's sibling class and John's sister from Colorado and his Mom come into town, and that's the week she goes to stay with her Bubba(grandma) and Aunt. A trip that culminates in a day at Idlewild, which is an amusement park for kids. I'll detail the issues with this trip later, but they involve food (vegan? I'm not holding my breath) sleep (her sleep schedule is about to be fucked, yo!) behavior (guess who back, has a new sister and is acting like a tyrant!) and my general anxiety about not having my kid for a week. Just before I give birth. On the other hand, it will give me a chance to do whatever it is I need to do befoer the baby. I have no idea what that is, but I guess I'll be able to do it.

Somewhere in there I'll probably be giving birth, unless our little judo champ comes when she's due (the following weekend) or after. It sounds like a whirlwind, and feels like one, too. Which may be why I'm sitting here eating left-over birthday cake icing. Or, that could be because of this morning. Either way, my ass is expanding. I'm going to go lay down.


HollyLynne said...

Sometimes you just need to add "SLEEPING" to the to do list. Just so it feels less guilty when you stay in bed late on a Sunday. I think I deserve those sleep ins sometimes, so I KNOW you sure as hell do! :)

Domesticrazy said...

You're right. Sleeping is officially added to the list!