Saturday, June 20, 2009

The comedian

Yesterday was another visit to the OB. John went with me this time, which was nice because I had to sit through a non-stress test for the baby. I'd done my fetal movement counts twice yesterday, and she didn't meet the 6 movements in an hour criteria either time. So the nurses strapped two monitors on and I sat there listening to my tiny Bruce Lee for 20 minutes. It took two nurses to get the monitors on because she kept moving. At one point she started kicking the monitors. Then she got the hiccups. In the end, her numbers were excellent and both her parents and the doctor were very pleased.

There's a reason I wasn't feeling her kick, however. Kid has decided that the head-down position is for sucks. She is sideways. SIDEWAYS. It's called "transverse" and they had to do an ultrasound to confirm it. On the plus side, she's a girl for 99.99% certain! We were able to see toes, fingers, belly and a heart. She's in this wonderful little yoga pose with her legs crossed. The not so great news is that if she doesn't turn on her own I am going to have a c-section for sure, because there's no other way to get her out. (Birthing a kid sideways. Ouch.) The other thing the doc told us to be aware of is my water breaking with her in this position. The water breaking thing only happens in 10% of pregnancies before labor begins, so the chances are small. But because there's no head or butt to stem the flow there's a risk the umbilical cord could get between the baby and my cervix, cutting off blood flow and oxygen. Which is a big deal. So John, E and I have all been coaching this little one: "Head down baby!" In fact, she can even go breech on me and I'll take the c-section, as long as she is OK.

Now that we know how Wee II is doing, we're having a special family day for E. Today is her sibling class at the hospital, then we're taking her out to lunch at her choice of restaurant (the Pasta Place, otherwise known as Olive Garden.) and then buying her a couple extra pairs of shorts for her trip next week. After that we're going to take her to a paint your own pottery place, and then let her ride her bike. And have a cupcake. There might be a nap/quiet time in there, and probably some dinner. But it's going to be a big day for the soon-to-be big sister! I've been looking forward to this for ages. It was intended to be a mommy-E day, but she wanted the whole family. Even better! So I better get moving and get my shower and breakfast before John and the girl get back from grocery shopping. Have a great weekend!

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