Friday, June 26, 2009

Flips and flops

Both yesterday and the day before I had contractions. By yesterday evening they were coming about every 5 minutes, and lasting about a minute. Hah, ha ha ha haaaaa. John freaked out and made us go to the hospital, even though I told him we'd just get sent home. Which we did. It appears it was a combo of barometric pressure dropping, the baby finally turning head down, and some sort of joke I'm sure I'll find hilarious once this child is out of my body. We got home after midnight, I went to sleep and the cycle begins anew.

I have had some contractions today, but according to the OB my cervix is still stubbornly shut. It should guard banks, this cervix. I'm really, really happy the baby has turned, but I'm also really really ready to get this show on the road. I'm also really ready for a new job, since one boy did not take a nap and both boys busted their lips today. Two is such a frustrating age.

In other news, E is with family out of state. I think John and I are doing fairly well with this, but I miss her so much! I can;t wait for hugs when she gets back.

And now, I smell smells that must be addressed. More when I have some!


HollyLynne said...

Whats going to happen with that baby does come out? Guest post from John?

Domesticrazy said...

I don't know...Probably a post once I get home and remember that we have a computer. John *might* do one, but it's hard to get him to do anything but hover over me right now, let alone once the Wee shows up. Last time I had to fight with him for hours to get him to sleep, and that was AFTER he walked into a wall in our hospital room.

HollyLynne said...

Poor John! He's a good man, but he really should watch out for those walls :)