Friday, June 5, 2009

The good stuff (people never tell you about being pregnant)

The OB swabbed me today for Strep B, which is something we all have, but preggos need to be on antibiotics for it during labor if they have too much. I got measured, my pee tested, the heartbeat monitored, my weight recorded and my cervix checked. They do that by hand, by the way.

The results were all good! I've stopped gaining weight despite my best efforts, my pee was great, as was my blood pressure, the baby's heartbeat and my measurements. The baby is oblique right now, which means diagonal. No big deal unless she decides to stay that way. It does explain why I've been seeing feet just under my right boob, though. My cervix is shut tight, which is fine for two more weeks, then that better start changing. (You hear me down there? We WILL NOT BE LATE.) The lack of weight gain is actually a good sign, because it means I'm starting to maybe get ready.

There's a few things I've neglected to say about being pregnant, because this hasn't been the easy pregnancy I had last time. You should hear about these things, however, because they still fall under things people never tell you. Ahem:

Feeling the baby move and kick is the most wonderful thing in the word, even when you think it's going to make you pee your pants. The same goes with seeing that squirmy little thing on the ultrasound. There is such a wonderful sense of awe that comes with knowing that the tiny thing inside you wasn't there before, and will someday bean independent entity that will love you, and make you laugh and cry harder than you ever have before. Seeing that tiny thing once it comes out is beyond words. Nothing will ever be the same. It's hard to be a parent and give up free nights and lazy mornings and most of your freedom in general. It's not always fun to be at the beck and call of a tiny insane person who needs less sleep than you do, and doesn't want to just sit and read. But it's worth it. When they make you laugh, look at you and smile, learn something new and teach you about the world in a while new way. You'll never be so tired, or so happy.

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