Monday, June 29, 2009

My little ray of sunshine

E came home today~she wasn't supposed to until tomorrow, but apparently she asked for me this morning and her Bubba decided not to push it. Fine with me; having her cuddle up to me right away made my day. She's been wonderful since she got home. She's played with her toys, told us stories and generally been a delight. She has tried a few new tricks, but that's to be expected after 6 days of constant spoil. At one point to night I picked her up and just held her, smiling like an idiot. I also got a "kiss attack" which means I got smothered in kisses. Yay!

I'm glad she took her trip when she did, so we could get the stupid hospital run of no use and the car breakdown that wasn't that bad or expensive, just hot and lengthy, out of the way. We were running errands on Saturday, one of which was the procurement of invitations for my sister's bridal shower at JoAnn's. When we got to the store John's car died, much like how it died when the alternator went. Scratch that: exactly how it died when the alternator went bad. You can imagine how happy John was. Especially since up until that point we were having a damn fine day. John called AAA, I went shopping for stuff in the store, and we ended up getting sunburnt while the AAA Dude tried to figure out what was going on. He tested the alternator and battery, but both seemed fine. He checked for loose wires, etc, but couldn't fine the problem. We ended up having the car towed just down the service road to a NTB, where they ran a diagnostic and replaced a fuse. The car died at 2ish, we were done by 7 and out less than 50 bucks. The tough part was the heat and sunburn, and the worry that we were about to buy another alternator. Those things are not cheap, and baby is a-comin, according to most experts. With me not getting paid for 6 weeks, I did not want that additional expence. So Hooray! I love fuses.

Now all I have to do is make it through tomorrow, with all 5 kids back and ready to rumble. Two are still fighting sick, one is two and terrible in his funny little way, and the girls missed each other but will be fighting before nine, I assure you. I have plans of distraction and separation, but it's going to be a challenge none the less. This is my last week, though. I can do it!

I also hedged my bets and ate some fresh pineapple tonight, which is rumored to do something about causing baby to leave the womb and meet us. I don't believe it, but hell, it can't hurt, either. Plus, I love me some fresh pineapple. And if I haven;t gone into labor by Saturday our friends are having their annual 4th of July party, and they rented a Sno-Cone machine. At least I can have Sno-Cones! And E, too, she'll be so excited. Yum!

Now it's time to teach John how to log onto this blog, so he can let you know if I pop.


HollyLynne said...

Pineapple?! Who knew!?
I'm so glad it was just a fuse! I took mine in for squeaky brakes a week or so ago and they found nothing wrong with it. So relieved!

Domesticrazy said...

That HAS to be a rare event in the auto industry! Congrats!

I'm not convinced about the pineapple at this point, however. Because I'm still f'n pregnant.