Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waiting for that burst of energy

Oh, the hormones and what they do to us! The crying at stupid things, like TV before we nixed it, or rain. The fantastic urges we get to eat chocolate of beat of significant others in the head with frying pans. (What?) Yep, those pesky hormones...

When I was pregnant with E I suddenly developed a strange affection for floral prints, fresh flowers and hair accessories. And lip gloss. I became a girl. I mentioned to a person in my office that this was some weird nesting, and I wondered if I'd ever be myself again.

"That's not nesting." She snorted.

For the record, this was the same woman who told me not to vacuum or eat spicy food while pregnant, and carried a wooden spoon with her for disciplining her daughter. Let's just say 1) I took everything she said with a grain of salt, and 2) WTF not nesting? If that's not nesting, what the hell is? Who says MY nesting needs to be like YOUR nesting? Eh?

It turns out that "nesting" in the normally used pregnant sense of the word means that last crazy burst of hormones right before you go into labor, causing a huge burst of energy and some interesting behaviors. Like cleaning your tile floors with a toothbrush. (I have not done this, or anything like it. Yet. At least, not while pregnant.) I was induced two days past my due date last time, so I never got the chance to experience this sensation. I think nesting is actually nature's way of alerting others to your impending labor through the observation of crazy behavior. As in "Hey look! That woman is licking shoes clean, and is very large about the middle! Perhaps we should stay close to her in case a Wee baby pops out soon?" I can think of no other reason for this phenomena. It would make more sense if your urge was cook food and freeze it, or start doing kegels like it was a high paying job. But no, things like vacuuming lampshades happens.

The closest to nesting that I've come has been over the past few days. I've been making lists of all the shit I am too tired to do at the end of the day, but that still needs done. John's back is feeling much better, do he's going to get a list, probably tomorrow. I'll put it on my list-make John a list of crap to do. I did manage to get the bassinet put back together after its cleaning, and get it up to our room. And some laundry. So much to do!


HollyLynne said...

I don't know, mama. You can't end a post with "So much to do!" and not be nesting at least a little :)

Domesticrazy said...

You might have me there!