Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Four and more to come

Last night B slept for four hours in a row, and I am a happy mama. It's been rough, her days and night have been flipped and I'm not certain we're out of the woods yet. Post-partum has been really rough, but the meds are adjusted and starting to kick in. E has been awesome through the whole transition, and I am extremely proud of her. I have a lot to tell you, about the birth, the aftermath, and the sleep deprived love we are in, but for now I need to pay some attention to a little girl and fold some laundry. Let's see if I can get a picture up:

I can! I really need to upload more pictures. It's on the list.


Marlene Whitecourt said...

Check this out pictures from last night!

HollyLynne said...

She's gorgeous!!!

Beans said...

Love you man. Things are wonky here. hopefully I can call Saturday.