Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today's the due date!

A due date means nothing. NOTHING. I went in on Thursday and I am, indeed, not dilated, effaced, or within throwing distance of either. I wanted to cry by the time the OB was finished. The nurse kept saying "two more days!" like I would just spontaneously birth the baby on the due date like magic. I was nice to her, but wanted to hiss mean things at her. People keep telling me to do jumping jacks, too, which is very funny. You do not launch yourself off the ground for any reason when you are this pregnant. You just don't.

My parents took E to the big fireworks shindig last night. She told John and I that they were "big rainbows in the sky with really big BOOMS after!" I'm so glad she had fun! We're going to a friends party tonight and we're going to let her stay up and see the fireworks again. She's been alternating between very good and demon spawn since she came from her vacation, but she is steadily getting better. I'm done with daycare for at least four weeks, so I'm looking forward to spending time with my girl, and very thankful she's getting back into shape. The fireworks are a reward for working back into big girl form, and being so good for her grandparents last night. We know where my parents are going to be at all times now, just in case I go into labor. In fact, the only reason we're risking going to our friends party is because they live within five minutes of the hospital we'll be delivering at. That and the Sno-Cones. I can't WAIT to give E a Sno-Cone. She's going to be so impressed!

The nesting has died, if it ever was. I am back to just wanting to read and sleep, now that the clothes are sorted and you can walk into the nursery. In fact, I should probably run up and grab some clothes for to launder, because I should probably wear something to the party. Something cleanish. I had a dream last night that I had the baby, who was about the size of a two year old, blond and at one point nursing, at another covered in chocolate and foil like a cheap chocolate Easter Bunny. Pregnancy dreams are always bizarre.

Now I'm actually going to go get those clothes, and then try to get a girl to go take a nap. I need a nap, because I have been awake today. No other reason. Stupid tired. Only gonna get better from here!

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HollyLynne said...

Is it even physically possible to do a jumping jack on your due date?! Like . . . aren't there physics laws against that sort of thing?