Friday, September 25, 2009

babies, fairies and little dudes

First: BABY! She's been growing. B can now grab her stuffed lion, pull it up to her face and snuggle it. Right now she is massaging the little guy with happy kitten paws, opening and closing her hands and smiling at his soft, orange mane. She has been smiling a lot lately. And talking to us. Yesterday she stopped nursing for a minute, looked up at me and said "goo." She has done this a few times, but yesterday she also smiled, then snuggled back into me and resumed her milk snack.

The differences between E and B are astounding. I thought E was an easy baby, despite the fact that I started this blog to vent my frustration that she never slept. We called her Sumara (from The Ring) and I vividly remember weeping, oh the weeping, because you couldn't lay her down. E had GERD, which is baby reflux. It sucks for babies. It kept her up all the time, and she is stubborn anyway. B, on the other hand, is like me and enjoys her rest. She is an easy, easy baby. She is already trying to roll. She doesn't squirt poop across the house every time you remove her diaper. She loves her sister and her daddy. She plays. She makes me happy even when I think my head will explode from the stress of little boys.

Second: FAIRY! E has cycled through many costume ideas. I bought a pattern for Robin Hood, and then she switched to "The King of the Crystal Kingdom." I think it has something to do with Dora. So I was going to make a crown and use the same pattern. Then, at the urging of her best buddy she switched to fairy. I did my best, but the RH pattern was not acceptable. So I bought a fairy costume pattern, which is gorgeous. I'm using my free night tonight to go get the material and some pattern tracing paper, which I keep forgetting. I need the tracing paper for a pattern from Weekend Sewing-my Halloween costume maybe. Fairies have been a big deal around here lately, so much so that we are all hoping that the Fairy Craft book I ordered comes today! I want to make fairy houses with the kids, but they are still a bit too young to get it, and the boys are destructive. Which brings me to...

Third: LITTLE DUDES! The two boys are both 2, which is a challenging age with just one child. Having a duo is killing me. One likes to do what I've just asked him not to do one more time. It can be infuriating, especially when what he's doing is dangerous. The other loves to run head first into things and take toys from everyone else. Dealing with these two has kick started my desire to return to school and find a new career. The only program from our local college that interests me and is mostly online is digital photography, but it sounds great. Plus, the certificate is all online and applies to the degree. Landscape Design is also sounding good, but isn't offered online. I don't need to decide right now. ~Just to let you know, it has taken me over two hours to type this. I need to blog at naptime. During the day means constant interruptions...silly me. I thought I could finish this while the kids were eating !~

Anyway, you might hear from me tonight, but you might not. Organizing the craft room is on the agenda after buying fabric, so I might get busy with that. In either case, have a great weekend!


HollyLynne said...

Hooray for baby B and her smiling! And I can't wait to see E's fairy costume. It sounds like it is going to be adorable! Hang in there with the little dudes . . . you'll find the right gig soon!

Domesticrazy said...

Pictures will be coming of smiling and rolling hopefully tomorrow, along with quilt pictures. It's after 2 am here. I need to quit enjoying my night so late. I got all the fabric for the kid's costumes tonight. Have you and the dude figured out your costumes yet?