Wednesday, September 23, 2009

by my fingernails

Right now I am sitting on my couch with a nursing infant (just put her down-typing with two hands! Weeee!) and my nearly four year old, who will not for the love of God go to fucking sleep. The last couple of days here in day care and life in general have been stressful, and hectic, and did I mention the shoulder muscle? It still sucks. It's tingling right now which means Real Pain! in about an hour. My sweet, wonderful mother came by to pick up the driving aprons I made and bring the girls some shirts from their aunt and uncle, recently returned from Aruba Honeymoon. She also brought me some Chai tea, which is the only reason I am not clinging to the ceiling at this moment.

Now that the aprons are finished, and I don't even care if I get paid for them because I am so glad they are just DONE, I am going to move on to my fun sewing. There's a dress I'd like to make, a Halloween costume or two, and then some blankets for individual play for the kids. I'm happy to be moving on to some no expectation projects. I've decided that anything I am hired to do will never be good enough for me. Oh shit-I still have some curtains to do for my friend who just had her baby. Damn. This is the last time I do curtains for anyone. Ever. I hates them, I do. Ah, well. Onward, whilst keeping calm and carrying on.

Last night I took my Grandmother to an open house for a massage place. It's the lady she's been going to for years, and someone I've seen a few times. I stopped going when she put me in a shower thing that ended up being cold water (it was malfunctioning) but didn't leave me a towel, or come back for almost half an hour. That's a long time in cold water. I'll be going to the new place a few times, though, because I need to get this shoulder thing worked out. She has a few new people there, one is an acupuncturist, the other does "Quantum Touch" and Reiki. He was on about the same level as a Snake Oil salesman as far as I am concerned-I felt nothing. I might try the acupuncture, and definitely the massage. If nothing else, it'll be nice to relax a bit!

Holy crap, I think the girl's asleep!

I broke down yesterday and ordered a Fairy Craft Book from Amazon, as well as 30 Day Shred and a relaxation yoga DVD with the Dali Lama on it. He speaks on it, I mean. I'm excited to get started on both DVDs, and the book is for fun projects to do with the kids. However, ordering the workout DVDs must have had a big impact on me, because last night I dreamed I was the Dali Lama-which was a big surprise to everyone, including me. I also had a dream that I went on a trip with my Dad, E and one of the day care kids. Weird, weird. There was really no point to that entire paragraph, except that I am super geeked to get back on the workout train. My goal is 20 pounds, which is what 30 day shred promises to help me lose. I don't need to do it in 30 days-60 or 90 would be fine. I just want to go down a pants size or two, and be a bit more toned. Oh, and not have a stomach that looks like something grew to a huge size in it then came out, leaving me with a stretched and distorted paunch. You know, little things.

B is doing great! She's almost rolling over, which I took pictures of. Will post them before she goes to college, promise. She stopped nursing at one point today to say "Goo!" to me. Too damn cute!

Beck came to visit on Sunday for a bit, and brought me my quilt. It's gorgeous! Pictures of it will be up soon, too. Hopefully. If I can get out of it/off it for long enough to take those pictures.

And for my final pointless thing: I am off to order fabric catalogs. I read about one on craft gossip, which I would link to but my laptop's being a bitch and randomly re-routing sites on me. Anyway, I read about a fabric catalog, requested one, and now want more. I haven't received the first one yet, but flipping through pages and pages of fabric sounds wonderful to me. Off to explore!

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