Thursday, September 3, 2009

Surprises, surprises

Howdy! Remember that IUD I was so very excited about? Well, it had a side effect . One that I had to call my doctor about and make sure was Not A Big Deal. She had warned me that I might spot a bit after it was implanted, and I was also warned that the process itself felt like a strong contraction.

I felt nothing, and then started bleeding. Bleeding! Not spotting, but "Oh crap!" bleeding. I was fine, but it ruined my plans for the evening. No one warned me about that possibility. BE WARNED! Do not schedule babysitting for the night you get your IUD, or you may just waste a night of babysitting. Dammit.

Then, the next day our printer died. I never realized how much we used the damn thing until it was gone. We now have a shiny new printer, that is shiny. And black. And shiny!

The weekend was a mixed bag. There's been a lot of getting ready for the wedding going on, since my sister gets married on Saturday. In Toledo. Not only do we get to take a nice long car trip, we end up by a lake! But the lake is near Toledo, so it's only 75% glamorous, instead of 90%. I'm looking forward to the festivities, seeing John in a suit (handsome man!) and dancing with my kids. I broke my toe yesterday, so the only thing I'm not looking forward to is walking in high heels, but hopefully that part will be short. I'm so happy those two are getting hitched!

E has started preschool. She was so excited the first day that she peed her pants 3 times. Luckily none of them was at school. She did a great job, and is currently on her second day. She doesn't go every day, so we've had some time to work on going to the potty no matter how excited we are. Hopefully she'll remember that at the wedding. A flower girl that smells like pee is not much fun.

Finally, the rash on my baby: it was an allergic reaction to Johnson & Johnson's Head To Toe Baby wash and Snuggle dryer sheets. We are in the process of washing everything we own, but her cheeks are cute and cuddly again. Poor kid seriously looked like we rubbed her face in gravel.

I'm off to finish hemming John's pants and to finish up the flower girl basket. Have a great weekend!

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Mythical Magpie said...

Awww....poor Elenore. I'm glad she's excited though!!!

I'm also glad that you figured out what was making B's skin all sad.