Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holy Moly!

I can't believe it's been this long since my last post again. Damn! Things have just busy here, especially with a baby who feels that nap time is her time with Mommy. It's OK with me, but it means you guys get neglected. Plus I've been having some computer issues that have kept me from posting: viruses and the crap. Luckily my brother-in-law was in town this weekend and he fixed us right up. He rocks!

Oddly, or not so oddly, I have been crashing really early lately. 9 is a usual time now, and that means I'm getting nothing done. I have piles of laundry in my room that are well over 5 feet tall. It's clean, but I haven't folded it. E's Halloween costume is nowhere near done, or even started. Nevermind the cleaning, etc. Bleh.

Other than the huge life-pile I am wallowing in, things are OK. We are contemplating my return to school, John's continuation of school, the holiday travel situation, and more. B is growing too fast, E is writingand starting to read, and the cats are nuts. Same old.

This post is really, really dull.

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HollyLynne said...

Hooray! You're alive!!! :D