Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They eat time like candy

Having two kids is kind of like living in a black hole that absorbs time instead of light. I love them both more than life, but Mama needs to take a bath. A long one. In solitude and silence. Please.

As I type this B is sitting in her chair next to me grabbing toys and trying to get them in her mouth. And smiling. Scratch that, she's SMILING! There is nothing little about her smile. It's huge and gummy and adorable. It gets me through my day. Literally. Thank heaven for little girls that eat faces and grab hair and roll over occasionally. And that squeal when happy. YAY!

Tonight I have physical therapy, then I'm going to sign up for my first photography class. Then I'm going to haul ass on E's Halloween costume, because we are days away, and it is not finished. I overestimate the time I have on any given day by 75%, so I need to get some serious work done. Haven't even thought about my costume yet. If nothing else I'll use last year's and just paint my face to be dead. That always works!

I love baby yawns. Just thought I'd throw that in.

In surprising news, it seems that E can read. Holy shit. Once that clicked, it clicked! She's now writing letter combinations and sounding them out. It's been lots of fun for all of us. I may have no time, but I have a lot of fun!