Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My last post was right before Thanksgiving.
"What happened?" you may very well ask, and I, dear reader, will answer.

The fucking flu/stomach flu/sleepless apocalypse happened. It kind of happened like this:
  1. We got the flu.
  2. Holidays.
  3. We got the stomach flu.
  4. B stopped sleeping. Up every 40 to 120 minutes, every night, all night.
  5. More flu.
  6. Holidays.
  7. Less sleep.
  8. We trudged about bumping into things.
We started a little sleep training with B last week, however, and now we are all sleeping. Which means that I can blog, do my homework and think. All of which have been suffering dreadfully lately. Sadly, however, I need to go to bed now. Talk to you soon?