Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You wanna see the babies?

Not babies. Prayer Flags in the wind. I like this one a lot. But! On to babies:

E throwing a duck for one of my photography projects. School is going well, but it's really keeping me busy. Guess why I haven't been blogging. Go ahead, guess! You're right, it's school, business and being a Mom to two kids. Blog was the weak point.

Holy crap, my baby is 7 months old. Which means that someone I know has been pregnant for as long as I have had a baby. The baby, by the way, has one tooth. She is also teething. She is crawling on her knee and foot, and says "hat, daddy, cat, (my name)" and something that sounds like her sister's name but isn't quite intelligible yet. Oh, and "hair." Her sister is reading. She up and started that last weekend, and has been reading everything she can get her hands on. It's incredible!

Here is the baby painted up like Charlie Chaplin. I was having fun with blueberries.

Aside from the wonders of being cooped up inside while the midwest vomits snow and gray upon us, things are giong OK. We're busy with me in school, etc etc etc. I'm loving my photography class. E is loving her ballet class. John is loving his writing class and B is loving everything. This age makes me want more babies. Then again...I'd like to have my body back to being mine for a bit. We'll see.

E has been diagnosed with asthma, which is something we are all adjusting to. It's not severe, but she's taking medicine every day for it, plus she has a rescue inhaler. We see the doctor next week to find out more about it. Hopefully she'll be able to get off the steroid inhaler-it's not great for her and makes her a little nuts at times. I want her to be able to breathe, though. I'm looking forward to getting a little more information on the subject-my mom took her in when I thought it was just a tough cold and got the initial diagnosis. I have a lot of questions. Hopefully we'll get some reassuring answers!

I now have glasses. I had no idea how much of the world I was missing!

That's it for now. I'd say see you soon, or I'm back, or something to that effect but I don't know how often I'll get the chance to write. I hope it'll be sooner rather than later, but life is funny sometimes. I hope you're all doing well, and may your spring come soon!