Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time? What?

Here are some images from my final project last quarter. The theme was age.

This is my bouquet from my wedding. Luckily the marriage has aged far better than the flowers.

Great, great grandmother's wedding china. Dude.

Antique store! Lurve you for saving my ass.

These two are from my family. They are old, that is all I know.

The picture below was in the antique store. The tag "Adopt a relative" cracked me up!

I have written so, so many posts in my head. They never seem to get here, though, and for that I apologize. The last few weeks have been rough in a new kind of rough way. It's been manageable. It has not, however, been pretty.

First, there was poopaggedeon. Or Poopacolypse. For two weeks the youngest three, the three that were potty training and also picking their noses and eating it (the gross just gets exponential there, doesn't it?) had the massive, explosive poops. It was horrible, and they weren't here through most of it. I have used ab entire bottle of bleach, almost.

Second, my eldest lost her fucking mind. I do not remember much about being 4, but I have seen a bit of it. At some point they go fucking insane. This has been happened, and we are mostly through it. I was extraordinarily relieved to find out she has not been screaming/hitting/scratching/ignoring etc etc etc at school. It sucks. I love her so much, though. Funny how that doesn't change a bit no matter how they're acting.Third, ear infections. We are on the second in just over two weeks. Combine that with a cold and teething, and my life is loud. My ears are ringing most of the day, the baby will not let me put her down or out of her sight, and the sleeping is not so much. I've said it before and I'll say it again-fuck you, teeth. You suck. I hate you.
Bright side: B is crawling, eating O's, playing peek-a-boo, singing, etc. She is a wonder and a joy. She has great lungs. I might be exhausted, but my kids are healthy and happy. Even the day care ones. Now. The poopening is over, the ear infections and teething will pass, and it'll all be OK. I'll sleep someday. After this short quarter is over, most likely. I'm not going to take an 8 weeks class again if I can help it. I am in serious shit here, trying to get my assignments done and still keep everything else together.

We booked our cabin for vacation sometime in the last few weeks. I am really, really excited for a vacation this year. Woo!