Saturday, May 29, 2010


I'd put this under Friday Night Follies, but technically it's now Saturday.


It's been a fucking week.

The shingles is mostly over. The E is doing well, she had her first karate class tonight. It was wicked awesome. She looked adorable in her karate uniform, slithering down the mat like a snake. (Note to all parents: teach your child how to do push-ups before their first karate class, otherwise they do something that looks like humping the mat.) She had fun, she might learn some good skills like self discipline and confidence from these classes, and we are maybe giving her some useful skills.

I don't know-this just seems like a better skill for her to have than gymnastics or ballet. Perhaps it's a feminist thing, or maybe a practical one. Ballet is hell on your feet, as is ice skating on your (so much!) body, and gymnastics on your self image. Karate teaches you how to kick ass and the discipline not to. It seems like a good fit. Meh, we'll see?

B: gets tunes in her ears soon. Is walking holding on to one of my hands. Is trying very hard to talk while hearing us through fluid in both ears. We're guessing three weeks after tubes for complete sentences.

I'm tired. John's tired. He's the ass able to sleep however, and I'm the one up after midnight stupidly blathering away on my unread blog. In unrelated news, I switched out my nose stud for my super cool skull one a week ago or so, and switched it back the other night because the skull one hurts, apparently. These little details are the things no one needs to think about during their day.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a half hour massage, a hydrotherapy tub, and a cut and style at my favorite salon. Courtesy of the husband for my birthday/mother's day. My hair is currently just past my shoulders. Usually in a ponytail. Super. Hot.

I'm going for a drastic hair change. If nothing else, I'm going for several hours on my own. Say it with me here: HELL YES MOTHER FUCKERS!!!

Maybe I need to get out more often.


Karenina said...

HELL YES MOTHERFUCKERS~! Have an awesome day today, lady... you deserve it.

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