Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A bad name

Monday was the day of doctors, BMV and condescending old men. The ENT has scheduled B to get tubes on Wednesday of next week. She has a cold right now and is also teething, so I am crossing every body part I can manage that she doesn't get an ear infection in the meantime, which would screw everything up. I'm also taking next Thursday off, because the day after the surgery kids usually get a bit weirded out because everything is suddenly so loud.

I'm happy she's getting tubes because she'll feel better and hear better. I'm glad we live in a place where this is available. I'm glad she's OK.

After the ENT John took off to record a voice-over for Air Heads candy. Be on the lookout for a commercial on TV with a tie-in to a movie. He's the voice of the announcer on the commercial. It's his first national gig, and I am damn proud of my dude! My mom came over to help me out and ended up taking me and the girls to lunch. It was an AWESOME lunch! Then she took me to the ophthalmologist. He was a dick. A condescending pompous self important full of shit dick. I am calling his office tomorrow to tell his staff exactly that, and how much I loved the rest of the staff. That guy gives doctors a bad name, and I have dealt with enough of those doctors to no longer put up with their behavior. So I went home yesterday and looked at these faces, and I felt better.

After that I needed to go get my tags renewed and run some errands, but the shingles knocked me out instead. We got my Mom a power of attorney and she went to the BMV for me, while I went to sleep. I keep forgetting that this isn't just a rash-my body is fighting off a serious virus and needs to heal. Most people are knocked on their asses for a week at least with this. I was back at work today, albeit with a LOT of help from a wonderful friend and another couple of hours of help from my mom. I am one lucky lady!

But that doctor was still a dick. G'night!


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